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Wednesday 30th August

Time Session Location
7:30-6:00PM  Conference Registration

 Strathblane Hall

7:45-8:45AM ECR Breakfast Talk 1

Successful Bid Writing
- Tony Newman Taylor and David Coggon

 Moorfoot, Level 0


ECR Breakfast Talk 2

Career Paths for Epidemiology in Occupational Health
- Laura Beane Freeman, Mei Yong, Tim Driscoll, Karen Walker-Bone, Alex Tharmaraj, David Alvarez Rincon

 Tinto, Level 0



Invited Keynote: Occupational cancer in the 21st century (Manolis Kogevinas)

Invited Keynote: Benzene, lymphohaematopoietic cancer and the petroleum industry  (Deborah Glass)

Pentland, Level 3

10:15-10:45AM COFFEE Cromdale, Level -2

SCOM / Modernet 1 - Chair: Tim Driscoll and Lode Godderis

Invited Keynote: Who would have thought it? The unforeseen problems of disruptive technologies (Anthony Seaton)

Hardmetal Workers Mini-Symposium - Chair: Per Gustavsson and Pascal Wild

Retinal Detachment Mini-Symposium - Chair: David Kriebel

Exposure Assessment 2 - Chair: Hans Kromhout and Marissa Baker

Policy / Impact - Chair:  Sotiris Vardoulakis and Susan Peters

Radiation - Chair:  Lydia Zablotska and Jianjun Xiang

Pentland, Level 3


Sidlaw, Level 3

Fintry, Level 3

Moorfoot, Level 0

Tinto, Level 0

Kilsyth, Level 0 


LUNCH Cromdale, Level -2
12.30-14.15PM POSTER SESSION 2 Cromdale, Level -2
12.45-14.15PM EPICOH MANAGEMENT MEETING - Chair: Roel Vermeulen and Neela Guha  


Psychosocial - Chair: Vaughan Parsons

Respiratory - Chair: Sara de Matteis

Occupational Medicine - Chair: Raymond Agius

Working Conditions - Chair: Eira Viikari-Juntura

Cromdale, Level -2

SCOM / Modernet 2 - Chair: Ewan MacDonald and Drushca Lalloo

Neurodegenerative Disease in Sportspersons Mini-Symposium - Chair: Neil Pearce and Valentina Gallo

Population Interventions Mini-Symposium - Chair: Eira Viikari-Juntura

Dusts and Fibres - Chair: Henrik Kolstad and Matthew Govorko 

Working Conditions - Chair:  Marc Schenker and Tyler Lane

Reproductive Effects - Chair:  Deborah Glass and Camilla Sejbaeck


Pentland, Level 3

Sidlaw, Level 3

Fintry, Level 3

Moorfoot, Level 0

Tinto, Level 0

Kilsyth, Level 0 

16:00-16.30PM COFFEE Cromdale, Level -2

SCOM / Modernet 3 - Chair: Maria Bostrum and David Alvarez Rincon

Pesticide Exposure Mini-Symposium - Chair: John Cherrie and Ioannis Basinas

Asbestos - Chair: Alison Reid and Anna Suraya

Musculoskeletal - Chair: Karen Walker-Bone and Esther Maas

Intervention Studies - Chair:  Malcolm Sim and Sara De Matteis

Cardiovascular and Dusts/Fumes - Chair:  Noah Seixas and Zara Stokholm

Pentland, Level 3

Sidlaw, Level 3

Fintry, Level 3

Moorfoot, Level 0

Tinto, Level 0

Kilsyth, Level 0 


GALA DINNER - "A Night At The Museum"

Drinks Reception at 7.30pm, Dinner at 8.00pm, 4 Course Meal, Entertainment, Dancing.

n.b. Admission is only by pre-purchased ticket

National Museum of Scotland



For the last seven years, Edinburgh has retained its position as the most popular UK city after London for hosting international association meetings.