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Thursday 31st August

Time Session Location
8:00-9:00AM ECR Breakfast Talk

How to get your paper published - Malcolm Sim and Noah Seixas



PLENARY 4  - Chair: Roel Vermeulen and Neela Guha

Lifetime Achievement Award - 

Invited Keynote: Why have we failed to prevent back pain in work populations - David Coggon

Pentland, Level 3


EPICOH DISCUSSION   - Chair: Neil Pearce and Damien McElvenny

Panel Discussion:  Where to from here for occupational epidemiology research?


Pentland, Level 3

10:45-11:15AM COFFEE Cromdale, Level -2

Systematic Reviews and Analyses - Chair: Malcolm Sim and Jean-Francis Sauve

Shift Work and Moderating Factors - Chair: Thomas Erren and Alireza Dehdashti

Cancer 2 - Chair: Frank de Vocht and Susan Peters

Welding and Metals - Chair: Ann Olsson and Caradee Wright

Injuries and Violence - Chair:  Peter Sim and Mehrzan Ebrahemzadih

Pesticide and Farming - Chair:  Laura Beane Freeman and Neela Guha

Pentland, Level 3

Sidlaw, Level 3

Fintry, Level 3

Moorfoot, Level 0

Tinto, Level 0

Kilsyth, Level 0

12:45-13:45PM LUNCH

Cromdale, Level -2

12:45-14:15PM  POSTER SESSION 3

Cromdale, Level -2

13:00-14:00PM EPICOH EARLY CAREER RESEARCHERS MEETING - Chair: Laura Beane Freeman and Neela Guha

Pentland, Level 3


14:15-15:15PM EPICOH DISCUSSION - Where to from here to inform future policy- Chair: Anthony Newman Taylor Pentland, Level 3
15:15-15.45PM EPICOH Prize Giving and Future Meetings - Chair: Roel Vermeulen and Malcolm Sim Pentland, Level 3



For the last seven years, Edinburgh has retained its position as the most popular UK city after London for hosting international association meetings.