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We are pleased to have received support from the following organisations, who have contributed in a variety of ways to the costs and delivery of our event.

Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM)

IOM was established in 1969 and became an independent charity in 1990 and it currently undertakes research work in the fields of Workplace Health, Environment and Public Health and Nanosafety Research.  Many of the Institute's research projects are on behalf of the European Commission and a range of international government agencies to support policy making. These projects are often collaborative projects with our many international partners. The charity also has a consulting and services subsidiary based in the UK and Singapore with focus on workplace health and safety.

Colt Foundation

We would like to acknowledge the support of The Colt Foundation. The Foundation considers applications for funding high quality research projects in the field of occupational and environmental health, particularly those aimed at discovering the cause of illnesses arising from conditions at the place of work. The Trustees are especially keen to fund research that is going to make a difference to legislation or working practices. The work is monitored by our Scientific Advisers and External Assessors to achieve the maximum impact with available funds. Grants are not made to the general funds of other charities, or directly to individual research workers, and the Trustees prefer to be the sole source of finance for a project.

BMJ Journals

"Occupational and Environmental Medicine ( publishes evidence-based research, reviews and commentaries on the health impacts of all types of workplace hazards and environmental contaminants. As an official journal of ICOH, with an Impact Factor of 3.912 and a leading international editorial team, it’s the best place to submit your next paper." OEM are the annual sponsors of the EPICOH awards and will publish in full all accepted abstracts in the online conference edition of the OEM.


For the last seven years, Edinburgh has retained its position as the most popular UK city after London for hosting international association meetings.